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We Are MMF

We're creating the best in interactive entertainment by making movies that change the way people have the best experience.

​Magic mouse films would like to say proudly as we are an expertise production company, We are India based having passion, Ambition, and Destination with our team, and the project handled in Film, Advt, Jingles, and other creative productive successful concepts for various clients around from Bollywood to Hollywood. This is the result of our expert team bonded together to show the magic of creative mouse in technically also firm. 

Our production company is should boost as the founder of the Indian film industry Dadasaheb Phalke and the  River Godavari both are our Heritage in City of temples. All industry expected locations are situated at our place.
Last but not least budgeted concepts for satisfying clients giving them justice to their expenses.


A good Team Always won the match(Since decades)...

The Team
Magic Mouse Films Production Company

dada saheb falke
team of magic mouse films

Magic Mouse Films

Creativity is an Artistic Intelligence 

Magic mouse films mean the miracle of mouse technology that operates multiple projects with one hand. Every time I think about how the mouse works and day by day they are developed in different technic in making. Today mouse is not only in control of the project but also hi control of the whole digital world, without a mouse, you can’t use the system. So the mouse is important for us. Magic mouse films its inspiration of that miracle mouse who operates everything and you can’t creatively work without us...

logo of magic mouse films
nilesh ghumare

Nilesh Ghumare
Founder / Director 

With more than 21 years of experience, Nilesh has worked on some of the largest film production houses and some of the largest ad agencies in India and out of India.

Meet the Team

Creative /  Passionate / Enthusiastic

Do what’s your passion, believe in you, coz we believe it works.

Parinita Chudhari
Marketing head

Rajesh Bhalerao
Art Director/ Digital Designer

30 year experience of designing in ad agencies and 15 year experiance in movie as art direction

8 years of experience in advertising and social media marketing. 

Mahendra Khedkar
Creative Director 

With 23 years of experience, mahendra has worked on some of the largest marathi film production houses in Maharashtra.

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