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Magic Mouse Films

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Upcoming  Feature Film

parwani marathi movie postar

A huge rush of followers gathered at Ramkund, river bank of Godavari is seen flooded by men women’s an all. Who comes for are bathing. In which DIGAMBER named 60-70yrs aged old man too is bathing. Simultaneously his Wallet is thugged and lost and DIGAMBER is roaming all over the Kumbhmela, without any money in his pocket. he want to go to home  His needs only Rs 150/-.
So this is a journey of Grandfather DIGAMBER in the KUMBH MELA.

Director Story, Screenplay : Nilesh Ghumare 
DOP : Ravi Jannawar 
Art Director : Rajesh Bhalerao 
Lyrics : Prakash Holkar

Production : Magic Mouse Films


Award Winner :- Best film 

Sand Dance International Film Festival
Brandenburg International Film Festival
Singapur International Film Festival

The other 8 Festival got different category award 


Director Story, Screenplay : Samir Raosaheb

Co-Director : Nilesh Ghumare
DOP : Vishal Patil
Production : Future Visuals 

Edit : Magic Mouse Films

Color grading : Magic Mouse Films

Vfx : Magic Mouse Films


Up Coming Feature Film

Up Coming Feature Film

Up Coming Feature Film

Director : Niels Marquardt

VFX: Magic Mouse Films

Country: Germany


Time breakers 2 is a movie from Germany. Magic mouse films had a great opportunity to work with them. we work on the restoration of some shots of the movie.

verdict movie

Recently we work on zee5 for a web movie 'VERDICT'. Magic Mouse Films work on all vfx work.

Director : Rajendra Firke

Production: Ekdant Films

Producer : Amit Kulkarni

Dop : Vishal Patil

VFX : Magic Mouse Films

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VFX Show Reel

Product Design

onky ponky product

Onky Ponky Chips

dharmapuja product

Dharmapuja Premium Agarbatti

Commercial AD

Upcoming Feature Teaser

​Coming soon


​Challenge of film making is not a Race or Battle it a thrill and passion

Always work with perfect people because perfect team make a perfect film.

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