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We are working with the world's powerful media. Magic Mouse Films is an Indian production company, that works in Bollywood and Hollywood. Our production has an experienced and creative team, who work on every time innovative concepts. We work in the social & commercial fields. We have all types of professional equipment. We have the best Production

​Today people must need master traits for their business. Magic mouse films are one of the best solutions for making and growing your business. team, the Best quality work, Best expert technicians. We are professionals who work with expertise in the fields of



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Corporate Documentary

Visual Ad Film

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HD to 2K Conversion  (without quality loss)

HD/2K to 4K Conversion  (without quality loss)


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Feature Film

A feature film means it's a full-length film. the feature-length film is a narrative motion or film.  A modern feature or movie typically duration is from 70min to 120 minutes long or above.

Short Film

The short film is a short version of a feature film. This means convincing your subject in minimum time to your audience. Short film duration is from 1 min to less than 60 minutes long.

Documentary Films 

A documentary film is part of evidence base documentation in video or motion format. Also documentary is non-fictional collective data. It's showing you all the informative details in the video to your audience. Its use for many purposes instruction, education, presentation, special event or program, and maintaining a historical record.


Corporate Documentary Films 

Every business has a story to tell its clients about its products, it's a relationship that builds a stronger emotional connection with the community. It makes use of storytelling to tap emotionality and stip up positive associations. All things that people relate to and find interest to develop his business.

Visual Ad Film

It’s a very effective and creative part of marketing strategy. There is a lot of great power in visual advertising to engage your product to your consumer. they convene to the consumer how your product is true and genuine. visual advertising can help you to increase your sales and identity.


Campaign Advertising 

Ad campaigns are a set or bunch of advertisements that focus on a single message. There are several promotional activities in campaigning for the central massage.  The campaign advertising is communicated with consumers They are intended to meet a specific business goal as well as lead to conversions.  We are creating ideas, beliefs, and concepts for brand awareness a new driving sales for a specific product or service,  other offers. It's more than effective in growing your business.


Product Photography

Product photography is a form of commercial photography. The product photograph is to introduce himself and create attraction to his buyers or consumers. For example – many companies sell his product on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal, and other e-commerce sites they must need product photography to introduce you.


The visual effect is a term used to imagery is created or manipulated live or CG action shot for filmmaking. VFX means creative creation of impossible work or create realistic imagery.

HD/2K TO 4K Conversion 

Film Maker has a problem with old footage or same digital cinema/ movies or any shot who shoot in hd or 2k the both format near about the same because full hd format is 1920x1080 and 2k format is 2048 there be deference is 200 pixels it.  when you need to upscale in 4k that time you video or movies go to 2x or 4x time upscale and your video had a problem to pixelate your video(2000 pixel). That pixelate video its big issue in the theatre or tv screen and OTT plate form Or what ever your need. So its good option we have to upscale your video or movie without quality loss in 4k. we use our develop technique to upgrade same pixel double size horizontally and vertically. So, that the pixel is creating 2x or 4x size upscale your video or movie.convert footage to 1280 X 720, 1440 X 1080, 1920 x 1080, 2048 x 1556, 4096 x 3112  in 4K, 3656 x 2664 – which is Academy 4K, 4096 x 2160 , digital cinema native 4K and 3840 x 2160 (Ultra-HD).

upscale to 4k video
Pro Camera
Pro Equipment
Parwani Movie Outdoor
Edit and CC
Film Crew

​​The Challenge of filmmaking is not a Race or Battle it is a thrill and passion

Always work with perfect people because perfect team make a perfect film.

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